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Healthy Eating is Connected to Healthy Brains.

Memory Morsels gives you delicious, brain healthy recipes, brain health tips (our morsels) and great information to help keep your brain functioning the way you want.

No matter your age, your brain health is significantly impacted by your food choices. Certain foods are particularly strong for boosting brain function and warding off cognitive decline. Check back weekly for the best foods for thought.

Meet Our Founding Foodie

We chose to partner with Naturally Nora because we believe in her philosophy. As a holistic nutritionist, she finds the entire digestive cascade extremely fascinating and an integral part of brain health. An intriguing body of research, once on the fringes of gastroenterology, has entered the scientific spotlight. In it are discoveries of a gut-brain-microbiota connection and the idea that organisms in your belly might be influencing your brain, not just the other way around.
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