Mandy King is a Holistic Nutritionist, and the founder of HEAL – Healthy Eating And Living. She works with health conscious people who want to stop feeling tired, fix their digestion and lose the weight, once and for all.  She contributes to The Globe & Mail, CBC and The Huffington Post, and leads corporate wellness programs for top Canadian companies, including Google, Facebook & PwC.

We don’t often think of brain health as being affected by what we eat. I have clients say to me, “I’m just getting older, my brain isn’t what it used to be” or “I just don’t have the memory that I used to”. Many times, inflammation is at the root of their deteriorating brain health, not just aging. For me, I want to educate and empower people to understand that it’s not just aging, and that certain foods and lifestyle habits have an immense impact on your brain health.

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