5 FREE Recipes that will super-charge your brain

Healthy Eating is Connected to Healthy Brains.

Memory Morsels gives you delicious, brain healthy recipes, brain health tips (our morsels) and great information to help keep your brain functioning the way you want.

No matter your age, your brain health is significantly impacted by your food choices. Certain foods are particularly strong for boosting brain function and warding off cognitive decline. Check back weekly for the best foods for thought.

Meet Our Featured Foodie,

Celebrity Chef Michael Bonacini is the co-founder of Oliver & Bonacini Hospitality, one of Canada’s leading restaurant and event groups. Today he thinks more and more about making specific efforts to live a healthy lifestyle. This includes cooking with good, wholesome, and fresh ingredients, maintaining a balanced diet, and getting enough exercise. He also believes that it’s important to listen to your body, your mind, and your cravings. Find out more →


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