From opening his ground-breaking North 44 and launching McEwan Catering, Chef Mark McEwan has always set the standard for Toronto’s culinary scene. Chef McEwan pushed dining innovation with the launch of Bymark, ONE and Fabbrica which now has 3 unique locations. Inspired by global food halls, Chef McEwan then opened McEwan’s Groceries which have 3 locations across Toronto. Chef McEwan also oversees Diwan at The Aga Khan Museum and mentors budding chefs in his kitchens, through his bestselling cookbooks and as head judge on Food Network’s hit series Top Chef.

“Most people eat too much, drink too much, exercise too little, and eat the wrong foods. The worst thing you can do is lie to yourself. So, one of the best things that you can do is just be honest with yourself. You are what you eat and people eat a lot. Most of our meals at home are comprised of a beautiful simple protein. I love a simple green salad, with just a good cask-aged red wine vinegar and good olive oil and fresh herbs. That’s a typical McEwan meal.”