Personally, I have been intimately surrounded by mental health my entire life and I have come to see the less than positive effects it plays on the affected, their families and the relationships around them. My journey has primarily been in a supportive role, but it can also very quickly be degenerative to the helper and lead to a spiralling of negativity. So, I have taken an active role in my own mental health and have learned a variety of meditation techniques, day to day self management skills, and make sure to engage in healthful and mindful eating habits every single day (for the most part). I know that these tools have helped me to endure the worst days and hopefully will help in the inevitably bad days that are sure to come. My coach used to tell me that the mind is “a drunken monkey dancing on hot coals”. This is a time honoured thought that he shared with me and he was so right. Brain health is important because it drives so many critical paths to understanding in moving through our surroundings with meaning and purpose with a mindset towards growth. I like growth.