Dr. Sydney Sparanese is a resident physician in Internal Medicine at the University of British Columbia with a keen interest in understanding how nutrition, exercise and lifestyle modifications can play a role in disease prevention and treatment. Serving as the previous chair of UBC’s Medical Culinary Club, Sydney has advocated for educational reform in medical school so that future physicians can feel confident to provide nutrition counselling and address the intimate relationship between diet and prevention of disease. Sydney’s own personal journey to understand the value of nutrition has been influenced by her athletic endeavours – having had a stint playing professional softball in Germany.

“My goal as a healthcare provider is to educate people on the link between diet and health- specifically, in terms of brain wellness and aging which can often seem intangible and challenging to modify. I want to bridge the gap between academic research papers and public awareness, so that we can make nutrition knowledge accessible to all. Above all, I am passionate about breaking down the literature of nutrition into ‘bite-sized’ pieces that can be implemented into our daily lives.”