Do you know the difference between Dinosaur Kale and Red Russian Kale? Or how to make Curly Kale more easily digestible?

Check out this guide to identify the different types of Kale including their flavour profiles and best culinary applications!

Curly Kale:

  • One of the most common types of kale.
  • Hearty, large green leaves with a thick, sturdy stem.
  • To soften the leaves, gently massage with your fingers before prepping for your meal.
  • Due to its heartiness, it stands up well to soups & stews.

Dinosaur / Tuscan Kale:

  • Tall, slim, dark green leaves with a tender stem.
  • “Reptile” or dinosaur leaf texture.
  • Mild taste with nutty undertones.
  • A good variety for making kale chips.

Red Russian Kale:

  • Reddish / purple stems.
  • Sweeter than other varieties with peppery notes.
  • Tastes great raw.
  • Tender leaves with frilly edges.

Chinese Kale:

  • Also known as Chinese broccoli or gai lan.
  • Flavour is similar to broccoli, but with more bitterness.
  • Round green leaves with a hearty main stalk.
  • Steam, sauté or boil it.

Redbor Kale:

  • Also known purple kale.
  • Curled reddish leaves with a purple stem.
  • Hearty kale that gets more vibrant & flavourful, the colder the weather.
  • A mild, cabbage-like taste.
  • Adds a great pop of colour to a dish or garden.