Buying foods in season offers numerous benefits including consuming ingredients during their peak freshness, being more cost-effective, supporting local farmers and reducing impact on the environment. Take a look at a few of the foods in season in April.


Salmon season varies depending on the species of salmon and the region in which it is harvested. Generally, salmon runs occur during specific times of the year when salmon migrate from the ocean to their freshwater spawning grounds. Typically the season runs from late April to early October.


Asparagus season typically varies depending on the region and climate, but it commonly occurs during the spring months, generally from April to June in the northern hemisphere. This is when asparagus spears are at their freshest, most tender, and flavorful.


In April, radish season typically includes varieties of spring radishes such as Cherry Belle, French Breakfast, and Easter Egg radishes. They are often planted in late winter or early spring and harvested in April.


Spring Beets are planted in early spring or late winter and are reaching maturity in April.  They tend to be tender, sweet, and vibrant in colour.


In Central America, the Caribbean, Southeast Asia, and Hawaii, where pineapples are commercially cultivated, peak pineapple seasons can vary. In Hawaii, April is an abundant harvest time with pineapples at their peak freshness and flavour.



In areas where artichokes are grown, such as California, Italy, Spain, and France, April signals the start of the harvest for spring artichokes. Spring artichokes harvested in April are prized for their sweet, nutty flavor and tender texture.