There are 120 varieties of quinoa around the world. Although there are not many nutritional differences between the varieties, there are subtle differences when it comes to flavour and cooking.

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For the flavour profile and cooking times of 3 most readily available types of quinoa.

White Quinoa:

  • Most common type of quinoa.
  • Also known as yellow or ivory quinoa.
  • Light texture.
  • Good substitute for rice.
  • Takes the least amount of time to cook: 12-15 mins.
  • Fluffiest of the quinoas.
  • Delicate taste.

Red Quinoa:

  • Firm and hearty texture.
  • Richer and nuttier taste then white quinoa.
  • Holds shape better then white quinoa, making it a great option for cold salads.
  • Cook time is slightly longer: 15-17 mins.

Black Quinoa:

  • Earthy flavor.
  • Slightly sweeter.
  • Less iron than red or white.
  • Longest cook time: 20 mins.
  • Crunchier texture compared to white Quinoa.