Fiber is an essential, food-based way to literally extend your life because it’s the most natural, healthy way to eliminate toxins from the body on a daily basis. If toxins are left to build up inside your digestive tract, this not only affects your bowel movements and energy level, but also your mood and capacity to stay focused.  If you had to “weigh” the amount of toxins you release on a daily basis, how much do you think they would weigh? New research suggests that we should be eliminating a whopping 2.2 pounds of toxins every single day. Wow, that’s a lot, you might be asking yourself…HOW DO WE ELIMINATE 2.2LBS TOXINS PER DAY?  Our bodies naturally detox through sweating, urinating and breathing but mostly, as we all know, via the bowels. Increasing your dietary fiber will help you eliminate the majority of those 2.2 lbs of toxins.