There are still a few weeks left of Cherry Season and that means devouring this delicious and antioxidant-packed fruit. Although most cherries are either sweet or sour / tart, there are hundreds of different types of this juicy stone fruit. 

Check out these CHEF TIPS as we explore a few different types of cherries and what their best culinary applications are.

1. Bing Cherries:


Bing Cherries are the most common type of cherry! These heart shaped cherries have a sweet flavour, deep red exterior and dark purple insides. You can snack on these versatile cherries fresh, or eat them cooked, preserved or frozen.



2. Rainier Cherries:


These cherries are yellow and pink with a very sweet candy-like flavour. These delicate cherries are best enjoyed fresh.





3. Dried Cherries:


Dried cherries have their moisture removed which thickens their skin and concentrates their flavour and nutrients. Reduce their serving size by 75% over fresh cherries as to minimize sugar content.




4. Montmorency Cherries:


Also known as “sour cherries”, they are bright red and tart. Sour cherries taste best when used in baked goods!





5. Maraschino Cherries:


Maraschino cherries are a preserved, sweet cherry made Rainier or Gold varieties. High in sugar, these cherries lose their antioxidant properties through the brining process. They should be consumed in moderation.



6. Black Cherries:


There are a handful of varieties of black cherries. They tend to be a sweet and soft stonefruit. Black cherries taste best when consumed fresh. They may get mealy when baked.




7. Amarena Cherries:


The Amarena cherry is a small sour dark coloured grown in Italy. Made from dark, tart sour cherries. They’re preserved, bottled in syrup and used as garnish for desserts and drinks.





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