Jenny Hui is the Executive Chef of The Lazy Gourmet. She has a Bachelor degree in Human Nutrition, a Food Service management diploma, and is a Red Seal Chef. In her spare time, she loves baking and cooking for friends and family. Jenny Lives in Vancouver with her husband Mike and their two daughters, Jocelyn and Michelle.

My mom was diagnosed with early onset dementia. Everyone was thinking it is just because she was getting older. At about the same time, she was diagnosed with tongue cancer and lymph-node cancer (both successfully removed), and that is when she decided to isolate herself from her friends. She basically stopped all her activities because she didn’t want anyone to know she was sick. She stayed home, she wasn’t eating well, and she wasn’t even active (no dancing, no walking, and no Mah-Jong). Eventually, her dementia progressed faster than expected.

Seeing this happen to her really scared me. I always question if I could have done more. Could I have told her friends? Could I have made her do her own simple calculations? Could I have pushed her? Could I have cooked for her? I could but as an Asian daughter, one does not defy their parents. Now, the only thing I can do is make sure my own mind and health is taken care of.  Yes, it is hard to do with the busy work life. But, I have to. I have two girls who grew up watching their grandmother deteriorate. I NEVER want them to see me go through it.