Gone are the days of mushy, flavourless boiled Brussels Sprouts. Today these tasty “mini cabbages” are roasted, braised, sautéed, and baked in halves or wholes.

But have you tried using the leaves as the base of a salad? Or adding the leaves to soups or pasta? Traditional advice would have you remove the stem, individually peel and remove each leaf. But this method can be time consuming.

Keep reading to find out how you can prep a whole bucket of Brussels Sprouts in a pinch!

1. Remove the Stem:

Cut off and remove the hard stem at the base of the Brussels Sprouts. This will slightly loosen the leaves at the base. As a bonus, removing the base will also reduce the bitterness in the vegetable. 

2. Plastic Container:

Grab a medium sized plastic container with a lid. After you’d removed the stem of the Brussels Sprouts, add the them to a plastic food storage container. Secure the lid.

3. Shake It:

 With the lid on, vigorously shake the container for 30 seconds to 1 minute. This process should remove a majority of the leaves for you. For any leaves that are stubbornly remaining, simply pluck off. But this Brussels Sprouts hack should reduce your prep time by at least half!

4. Enjoy:

Add these delicate leaves to soups or pasta. Or eat them raw and use them as the base of a salad.