What Is Drip Coffee:

  • Automated machine that heats water and drips it over coffee grounds.
  • Gravity pulls the water through the beans to produce flavour.
  • Tends to produce mellower flavours.
  • Can yield many cups of coffee.
  • Ability to use a use a fine-ground.
  • No customization with less control over water temperature, pour speed and placement.
  • Easiest brewing process; it’s simple, quick consistent and automated.

What Is Pourover Coffee:

  • Manually pour hot water over coffee beans in a cone-shaped paper filter.
  • Gravity pulls the water through the beans to extract the flavour.
  • Start with a short pour to open the coffee grounds, then pour the water slowly over the grounds in a spiral motion.
  • Showcases more flavour of the bean because the water has time to pull out oils from the grind.
  • Ability for more control over the flavour and pour.
  • Water should be 200 degrees Fahrenheit to strike the right balance.
  • Best to a use a medium-coarse grind.

What Is French Press Coffee:

  • Uses hot water and pressure to extract flavour.
  • Consists of three parts: a carafe, a plunger and a mesh filter.
  • Pour the hot water directly onto the coffee grinds in the carafe. Let stand for a 3-4 minutes, then push down plunger onto coffee grounds.
  • Tends to be more acidic, stronger and robust than pourover coffee because there is more extraction of oils.
  • Produces a coffee with a thicker body.
  • Use a coarse-grind to reduce sediment getting through mesh filter.
  • Easier brewing process than a pourover, but more intensive than drip.