Do you know how to open and de-seed a pomegranate without making a mess? 

One popular method cutting the pomegranate in half and then use a wooden spoon to knock the seeds out. This method can be messy, staining the counter and breaking apart the juicy seeds.

Check out and save these simple tips on how to efficiently open this antioxidant packed fruit.


  1. CUT THE BOTTOM: Slice off the bottom of the pomegranate, so it’s sitting flat on the cutting board.
  2. REMOVE THE CROWN: Using a paring knife, cut a circle at the top of the pomegranate, around the “crown”. Remove top.
  3. SECTION THE FRUIT: From top to bottom, slice vertically along the subtle ridges of the pomegranate. Aim to cut six sections.
  4. SHALLOW CUTS: Be sure to use a gentle touch and do not cut deep into the pomegranate flesh, as the seeds will burst.
  5. OPEN THE POMEGRANATE: Using your hands, gently pull apart the sections of the pomegranate.
  6. SEPARATE FROM MEMBRANE: With your hands, pull the seeds away from the pomegranate membrane. Work over a bowl to minimize mess from any fallen seeds.
  7. EAT UP: There are many ways to consume this tasty fruit; eat the seeds raw, freeze for future recipes, or gently blend on the pulse setting then strain for a fresh juice!