May to September is watermelon season. Yet picking the juiciest and sweetest watermelon from the bunch might feel daunting. 

Learn how to perfect watermelon that is sweet, ripe, and bursting with natural flavour with our tips below.

1. DISTINCT STRIPES: Look for deep, dark green coloured stripes, opposite creamy, light yellow stripes.

2. MATTE & DULL: If the watermelon is shiny, chances are it’s not ripe yet. Choose a melon that is flat or dull in tone.

3. ROUND VS. OVAL: Pick a symmetrical and round watermelon for a sweeter, less watery treat. More importantly, look for a melon without irregular dents, bumps, or shapes.

4. FIELD SPOT: Turn the watermelon upside-down and look for the large discoloured spot. This is where the melon was resting on the ground prior to harvest.

To guarantee a sweet melon full of flavour, choose one with a field spot that is orange or yellow, but NOT white. The orange/ yellow field spot means that the fruit is sweeter as it spent more time ripening on the vine.

5. HEAVY: For a ripe and sweet melon, pick one that feels heavy for its size, indicating it is the juiciest of the bunch.

6. WEBBING: Look for large webbing or veins aka “sugar spots” for a sweeter melon.

7. STEM: If a watermemlon has a green stem, it means it was harvested too early and is underripe. A dry brown stem indicates a ripe fruit.

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