How do you store tomatoes?

You may have heard you should never store tomatoes in the fridge. We’ll tell you the correct method for storing tomatoes to maximize texture and flavour.

TOMATO TEMPERATURES: It turns out the ideal temperature for ripening tomatoes is 18°C to 24°C. Anything colder than 12°C will lead to a mealiness, decay, loss in flavour and aroma; especially if the tomato hasn’t ripened yet .

But leaving tomatoes on the counter or in the sun for too long will lead to decay and rot.

UNRIPE TOMATOES: Remove the stems and store unripe tomatoes upside down until they’re ripe. Because moisture escapes from the top of this fruit, storing tomatoes upside down helps to retain moisture and therefore maximize juiciness!

RIPE TOMATOES: Ripe tomatoes should be stored uncovered on the counter if you are going to consume the tomato in the next couple of days.

REFRIGERATEIf your tomato has ripened and you’re not ready to eat the next day, store the fruit in a paper bag in the crisper drawer. Do not store in a plastic bag.

EATING REFRIGERATED TOMATOES: Allow ripe tomatoes to come up to room temperature before eating. Do not refrigerate for more than 3 days to preserve the flavour and texture.