Most “Yams” in North American grocery stores are actually orange Sweet Potatoes. In fact, sweet potatoes can be orange, white, or purple.

ORANGE: These sweet potatoes are easy to find and versatile. They contain beta carotene, which is great for eye & immune health.

WHITE: White sweet potatoes tend to be little drier in texture than orange, yet hold similar fibre content.

PURPLE: Purple sweet potatoes contain anthocyanins; giving a vibrant pop of colour and antioxidants.


Real yams are a different root vegetable, more closely resembling yucca in texture and flavour. Yams have a bumpy, tough & brown-coloured, “tree trunk-like” skin. They are starchy, not sweet.

Yams are an important part of West African food traditions. Next time you’re looking for yams, try heading to a local Caribbean, Latin American or West African grocer.