Making Father’s Day meaningful for a dad or grandfather suffering from cognitive decline can feel overwhelming at times. Yet many people experiencing dementia can respond to familiar past memories or ones that involve loved ones.

Check out these 4 tips on how to make this Father’s day memorable.

  1. Remove The Pressure: Spending time together is special enough. Take away big expectations and remember that just being together is enough.
  2. Memory Aids: Sometimes using a memory aid such as old photographs, favourite foods, or familiar music, may trigger a past memory.
  3. Bring Some Fun: If dad enjoys a specific activity that stimulates his senses, bring it on! It might be as simple as playing cards, board games, puzzles or colouring.
  4. Get Active: If dad is feeling up for it, get moving. Go on a short walk, groove in the living room to some of his favourite music, or plant some flowers in the garden.