DID YOU KNOW: Once picked from the vine, cantaloupes will not ripen much further. So it’s important to pick the right cantaloupe when shopping.

Keep reading to find out what to look for:

COLOUR: Cantaloupes should have a beige / tan colour with light green lines, also known as “netting”, across it.

FEEL: Cantaloupes should feel firm with a slight give when pressed. There should be no soft spots.

SMELL: Smell the cantaloupes at the stem. It should smell sweet and like cantaloupe. An absence of smell means the melon is under-ripe. An unpleasant smell means it’s over-ripe.

HEAVY: Ripe melons will be heavier than unripened ones. This is because there is more juicy water content in the cantaloupe.

SOLID VS. HOLLOW: Under-ripe melons will sound hollow when tapped. Listen for a solid sound.