This peppermint chocolate bark is perfect for the holiday season! It actually can be easy to make your own chocolate at home, from scratch. This way you get to decide how sweet you’d like it to be and exactly what type of sweetener you want to use. For example, you could use coconut sugar or maple syrup. Or, you could even use stevia instead (just a few drops, add to taste) if you are following a sugar-free diet.

Not only is peppermint helpful for supporting digestion, but it may play a role in brain health. A study presented at the British Psychological Society Conference in 2016 found that peppermint tea improved participants’ mood as well as long term memory, working memory and overall alertness. Peppermint also has anti-microbial properties and inhibits the growth of some types of fungus.


Recipe & Photography Courtesy of  Sarah Grossman is an author, nutritionist  and the co-founder of Living Kitchen